Pet Health Care

98Earlier, one went to the Pet Shop for Foods and Accessories and toys and to a Veterinary Clinic in search of solutions for Health Problems and vaccinations etc. Of late, Health Care Centers offer a complete package on taking care of your pet’s cosmetic as well as medical needs and also offer counseling behavioral problems and socializing techniques for pets, thereby bridging the gap between the Shop and Veterinary Surgery.

Your pet is a living, breathing, playful bundle and enjoys a very special place in your life. The object of your affection needs all the care that he can get by way of Vaccination, Training, Nutrition, Dental Care, Flea and worm control. Regular Health Checks ensure that your pet’s good health status is maintained and regular monitoring does not allow a medical condition to go undetected.

Grooming has always been an essential aspect of care as it helps the bonding process. When grooming and handling your pet, you are constantly underlining the master equation and getting him to obey commands. Grooming includes bathing, brushing, skin and coat care and clipping of nails. Grooming habits can be inculcated in the pet at an early age and this makes the socialization process much easier.

Pet Health care Centers also take care of Neutering and spaying of pets at the right time and help to prevent unwanted litter and also avoids painful post season medical conditions in bitches. Moreover, this also reduces the risk of disease, particularly of cancer of the testicles and prostrate gland in dogs, and breast, uterine and ovarian cancer in bitches.

Pet Health care centers share your concern and team up with you to provide nutrition, grooming, medicine and entertainment for your beloved pets.